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Place your order early in order to receive your Amniograme Collection Kit well in advance of your due date. This will give you a chance to talk about amniograme with your pregnancy care provider and make sure that they're ready to help collect the amniotic fluid during labor or delivery. Your birth plan is a great place to mention amniograme. 


Your Amniograme Collection Kit and instructions will be delivered directly to you. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. If you need a collection kit sooner, contact us for expedited shipping options!

Step 2: Amniotic fluid collection

Labor can sometimes start without warning, so pack your pregnancy-preparedness bag early and make sure to include your collection kit. Amniotic fluid can be collected at any time after your bag of water has broken. Even if it's been broken for a long time, you can bet that more will come when your baby is delivered. While it's very easy to collect fluid that's already been leaking, getting some help from your labor support team is always a great idea, so let your team know about amniograMe early and have them read the instructions included in the kit. No needles or additional procedures are required.

Step 3: Sending your sample

Your collection kit includes detailed instructions on how to mail your sample back to us. But before you mail your amniotic fluid to us, make sure you fill out your customization preferences.
If you purchased a print alone, let us know what color(s) you'd prefer. 
If you purchased a framed photo, let us know your preferences for color, nameplate, and framing.

Please see our customization page for your options. 


Step 4: Your amniograMe print

After we receive your sample, we will process and purify it in our lab and photograph its unique ferning/crystal patterns. Our design team will send you digital proofs of your amniograMe images via email. After you pick your confirm that the color is to your liking, we will package and mail your print to you!





If you still have questions, please see our FAQs page or contact us!



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