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Charitable giving with amniograMe


The problem

For most couples, pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation of new life.

But for some, the news is not always good. 


About 2% of all pregnancies are affected by stillbirths or medical conditions where the fetus is not expected to live or live for long outside the womb. There is often nothing that can be done to prevent these situations or make them better. They can even happen to healthy moms and dads who have done everything right. 


We recognize that for some parents, the time that they spend with their babies during pregnancy can be very meaningful, even if that time is short. We want to honor their relationship by offering our services. Because the patterns and crystals formed from amniotic fluid are unique, amniograMe provides parents with a very personal keepsake.


What we are doing

We are currently offering amniograMe at no cost to parents in the Los Angeles area whose pregnancies have just received a terminal diagnosis. Collection kits are already available at some local hospitals and provider offices. Providers, family, and, friends in the Los Angeles area who need to obtain a collection kit from amniograMe should contact us via the website or e-mail us at: to arrange a kit delivery or to provide expedited instructions for fluid collection and storage. 


Those who do not live in the Los Angeles area and who would like to purchase an amniograMe package should also contact us to determine cost and timelines for amniotic fluid collection. 



Your donation of any amount will help to jumpstart this program that we have started to offer couples in the Los Angeles County area. Donations fund infrastrucuture and the collection, proccessing, and production of a commemorative photo print.

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